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CalCity Pet Clinic

Welcome To The CalCity Pet Clinic.


Our Reception Area.   This is where you will meet one of our friendly receptionists, before a technician will take a detailed history for the reasons of your visit.  The technician will then accompany your Pet to meet our veterinarian.

Exam Room

One Of Our Three Exam Rooms.   After one of our veterinarians conducted an initial examination of you pet, this is most likely where they will come and meet you to discuss their findings and recommendations with you.

The rest of the hospital is what we call "The Back", and is where pretty much everything happens.  Only your Pet will get to actually visit "The Back", but here is a virtual tour for Pet Parents...

Treatment Room

Our Central Treatment Room.  From physical examinations, sample collections, medical procedures to wound care, dentistries, etc... this is area gets busy as a bee hive, while a wall of cages keep patients right under our sight.


Digital Radiography.  After discussing the findings of their initial physical exam, our veterinarians may recommend diagnostic tests, such as X-rays.


Biological Samples Processing Station.  Biological samples collected from the patients are processed to be sent out to a reference laboratory, or to be analyzed "in-house"


"In-House" Lab And Pharmacy.   Medications may be prescribed and dispensed for your convenience from our In-House or On-Line pharmacy.  Alternatively, you may also ask for written scripts. 

Surgery Suite

Our Surgery Suite.  This is where sterile surgeries are performed, from elective procedures, such as spays and neuters, to abdominal exploratory laparotomies, digestive surgeries, limb amputations...

Isolation Ward

Our Isolation Ward.  This is where contagious patients are hospitalized, to protect other hospitalized and outpatient pets


Although we have reopened our lobby to our clients, we do not allow more than one pet family in at any given time.  This means that we will ask you to wait in your car, or on our grounds.  If we anticipate the procedures needed by your pet will require some time, we encourage you to return home, or explore one of the several fine cafes and eateries in town... 


Office Hours

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